Major Drug Arrest



The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office conducted a lengthy drug investigation that was concluded on Wednesday October 5, 2016. The investigation prompted Brunswick County Sheriff’s Narcotics Investigative Division to obtain indictments for Misael Hernandez Albarran, 32 year old male, and Freddy Sanchez, 28 year old male, both from Dundas, Virginia. The indictments were for a multitude of charges including six (6) counts of distribution of crystal methamphetamine and two (2) counts of child endangerment.


On the above date, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office with the aid of the Tri-County Task Force and Lunenburg County Sheriff’s Office, arrested both subjects without incident. A search warrant was executed at the residence of Misael Hernandez Albarran, within the County of Lunenburg, and three (3) handguns, small bag of crystal methamphetamine, small bag of cocaine, a scale, multiple smoking devices, and packaging material were seized from the residence. A 2009 Nissan vehicle was also seized from Misael Hernandez Albarran due to the distribution charges. Both subjects are currently being held at the Meherrin River Regional Jail with no bond.


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