Lunch Buddies Program

The program is called the “Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Lunch Buddy Mentoring Program” and it is in partnership with the Brunswick County Public Schools and its First & Ten Mentoring Program.  The concept is pretty simple; I decided to take a proactive approach and send my staff to school at least monthly and talk to the kids and sit down and have lunch with them.  During these meetings, they could talk to the teachers about which kids need more attention and then we could hopefully intervene to be a positive influence for students. Here is how it works, every 3rd and 4th grade class (17 total) in our school system will have a team of (2) of my staff assigned to them, that team will stay with them all year.  If they are in the 3rd grade, they will move with them to the 4th grade to create continuity with the kids.  Once the child completes the 4th grade, they then go through our D.A.R.E. curriculum in the 5th grade.  The hope is that through these (3) years of one on one relationships with law enforcement, we will reach some of the kids and 1) deter them from negative decisions 2) educate them that law enforcement are their friends 3) promote respect, manners, honesty and integrity.

 If we reach one child, WE ALL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheriff B.K. Roberts

Brunswick Sheriff Office

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