Special Response Team

The goal of our Special Response team (SRT) is to resolve dangerous situations safely, without injury to anyone. They respond to high-risk situations that are outside the normal resources and capabilities of our patrol division. Their duties and responsibilities include serving high-risk arrest warrants, performing hostage rescue and/or armed intervention, and engaging armed criminals. Our SRT team is equipped with specialized firearms, equipment and less -lethal impact weapons.

Members of our SRT team are carefully selected and must undergo rigorous training, similar to the training some special operations units in the military receive, before being allowed to participate in SRT activities. Emphasis is placed on physical fitness enabling an officer to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. Training does not stop once a member has been selected for the team. Training generally occurs twice a month, and all members of the Brunswick Sheriff Office SRT unit must regularly participate in this advanced training in order to remain a part of this elite group.

Along with the members of the Special Response Team (SRT) is the the Medical Division. The Medical Division responds with the SRT when activated and renders medical care to persons who may be injured during an activation.  Our Medical Division is licensed thought the Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as an ALS Frist Response Agency.  Members of the team are Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified and have attended training for combat situations.  Team members provide care to the sick and injured until they are able to gain access to a ground transport ambulance where they will be taken to the closest appropriate facility based on the severity of patient(s) condition.

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