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On February 11, 2013, The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of an attempted fraud (Scam) located at a residence on Connell Rd., Brodnax, VA 23920.

The complainant reported on February 11, 2013 someone called her home claiming they work for a company called AMG. The suspect identified himself as named Kenny Jones and that he was calling in reference to the complainants Medicare expiring and that the complainant needed to pay a fee. The suspect asked for a bank routing number and the complainant complied.

If you get this type of call or get any mailings about sending money or giving out information such as bank account number or any of your personal information, Please do not give out that type information. Please verify the business by calling the Better Business Bureau, Federal Trade Commission, Postal Inspector Office or Phone Busters.

Most of these calls are from suspects that live outside of the United States! The names they give you as well as the phone numbers are fake!

If anyone has any information about these type crimes, please call Brunswick Sheriff’s Office @ 434-848-3133 or Brunswick Crime Solvers @ 434-848-2336 or 1-866-884-5732.

 All information will be kept anonymous and you will not be required to testify in court and you could receive a reward up to $1,000.00

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