Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office implements new

Technology for school safety

Alert System to be available in Brunswick County Public Schools, Brunswick Academy, and Southside Virginia Community College

April 26, 2016 – “I am very proud to implement this cutting edge technology for all schools in Brunswick County. I appreciate the partnership with each school entity in our continued efforts to keep our students safe. This technology will put a “panic” app on every staff member’s computer and mobile device so that they can instantly alert law enforcement of any threats. This elite partnership is a major step in improving public safety in light of the threats happening today in schools and on campuses. With this exceptional technology at our fingertips, it is anticipated that incidents of this nature could be prevented or certainly minimized at the onset,” stated Sheriff Roberts.    

COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYN), which operates the nation’s only law enforcement in-car, real-time information sharing and data communication network and the COPsync911™ threat-alert service for schools and other potentially at-risk facilities, announced today that the COPsync911 threat-alert system will be implemented in all of the schools in Brunswick County, VA.


Brunswick County joins a growing number of locations across the East Coast and the nation that are subscribing to the COPsync911 service to enhance safety at their schools. However, Brunswick County is only the second locality in the Commonwealth of Virginia to implement this program. The COPsync911 system is activated by school faculty and staff when a threatening situation arises and allows them to send an immediate and silent alert to all other employees within the facility, the local law enforcement dispatch center, the closest patrol officers – directly to them in their patrol cars – and to their mobile devices, even if they are away from their patrol car. The COPsync911 system has the ability to inform patrol officers and dispatch of a threat potentially faster than dialing 9-1-1. The system also provides responding officers a map and facility diagram to hasten response time thereby saving minutes when seconds count.


Mr. Brandon Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer of Brandon-COPsync, LLC, the COPsync distributor in the northeast and selected territories, stated, “We continue to expand COPsync’s footprint on the East Coast with the addition of the Brunswick County schools. We thank Sheriff Roberts for his leadership in helping to actively include all the county’s schools – both public and private. With two counties in Virginia now on the COPsync system as reference sites, Brandon- COPsync fully anticipates adding more counties throughout the Commonwealth in the coming weeks.”


“COPsync911 provides a cost-effective solution for bridging communication barriers between rural schools and law enforcement,” explained Sheriff Brian K. Roberts. “All of our schools have a direct line of communication with law enforcement. As a result, the students, faculty and staff are now safer and better protected; they can focus on the task of learning.”


 About COPsync, Inc.

 COPsync, Inc. (NASDAQ: COYN) is a technology company that improves law enforcement communication in a manner that saves officers’ lives and helps them prevent and respond more quickly to crime. Officers have instant access to actionable, mission-critical data, share information, and communicate in real-time with other officers and agencies, even those hundreds and thousands of miles away. The COPsync Network™ also eliminates manual processes and increases officer productivity by enabling officers to write electronic tickets, accident reports, DUI forms, arrest forms and incident and offense reports. COPsync’s threat-alert system, COPsync911™  enables  schools,  courts,  hospitals,  and  other  potentially  at-risk  facilities  to automatically and silently send emergency alerts directly to local law enforcement officers in their patrol cars during a crisis, thereby speeding first responder response times and saving minutes when seconds count. Visit and for more information.



Be safe,

Sheriff Roberts

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